Partnering with Europe’s equity execution venues

Welcome to EquityClear

EquityClear is LCH’s pan-European clearing service for equities, equity derivatives and equity equivalents, which operates across two CCPs: LCH Ltd (registered in the UK) and LCH SA (registered in France). Collaboration with our market partners enables us to develop innovative solutions that enhance customers’ risk management and mitigate systemic risk, whilst delivering operational and settlement efficiencies. 

EquityClear has the capacity to clear large trading volumes, driven by the increasing activity of diverse market participants who achieve significant reductions in settlement costs through cross-trade venue settlement netting.

Why EquityClear?

As a London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) post-trade business, EquityClear benefits from material investment in its robust technology platform and highly skilled team, allowing the service to scale rapidly and efficiently. EquityClear has fully embraced LSEG’s commitment to open opportunities through essential partnerships and provides clearing members and their clients with seamless connectivity to a wide choice of trading venues. 

EquityClear has been tried and tested during periods of extreme volatility and stress. Thanks to our rigorous risk management and resilient technology, our customers continue to benefit from: 

  • Proven default management experience spanning more than 20 years. 
  • Efficient risk management using the proprietary Equity Risk Analysis (ERA) algorithm at LCH Ltd and a VaR/ Expected Shortfall model at LCH SA 
  • Extensive settlement liquidity to support large-scale clearing. 
  • Investment in technology, such as the award winning MCCP clearing platform, for scale and resilience. 

Investment in technology and people at EquityClear, and collaboration with our market partners, allows us to continue innovating to meet the evolving needs of our customers. EquityClear clearing members and their clients benefit from: 

  • Collaboration on service development through the EquityClear Product Advisory Group. 
  • A dedicated customer service team. 
  • The LCH Knowledge Centre, providing FAQs, support articles and the ability to raise support queries directly to the LCH customer service team via an online portal. 


The extensive network of EquityClear clearing members and their clients benefit from large-scale clearing of a broad and varied range of equities, equity derivatives and equivalent products from exchanges and trading venues across multiple market segments and trade feeds. Settlement is available in multiple central securities depositories (CSDs). LCH clearing members can use EquityClear to clear eligible equity transactions executed on any of the venues listed.   

Below, you can learn more about our two EquityClear clearing services at LCH Ltd and LCH SA.  

EquityClear at LCH Ltd
EquityClear at LCH SA