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US Dollar Libor Transition: The Role of CCPS in Conversion
29 November 2022
As the transition from LIBOR to alternative risk-free reference rates (RFRs) approaches a new milestone, LCH’s Philip Whitehurst, Head of Service Development, Rates, discusses LCH SwapClear’s plans for USD LIBOR conversion, the implications for non-USD benchmarks that depend on USD LIBOR, and the future direction of these markets.
ForexClear October 2022 Highlights
22 November 2022
LCH ForexClear made a solid start to Q4, including a new service record for FX Options volume cleared in a day. Explore our latest statistics and charts for more highlights.
Trends in Global Credit Markets ( November 2022)
08 November 2022
Michael Amakye, Director, CDSClear Sales, LCH, explains why choice and innovation are so important for credit market participants, as the clearing landscape continues to evolve.
EquityClear Factsheet
03 November 2022
EquityClear is LCH’s pan-European clearing service for equities, which operates across two CCPs: LCH Ltd (registered in the UK) and LCH SA (registered in France).
ForexClear – A Global Leader
28 October 2022
LCH’s solution for non-deliverable and deliverable FX, delivering unmatched capital, margin and operational efficiencies.
RepoClear Q3 2022 Highlights
28 October 2022
LCH RepoClear continues to work in close partnership with the market to deliver innovative solutions that enable members and clients to gain netting, settlement and operational efficiencies, with access to deep repo liquidity and margin stability in all market conditions. Explore our latest dashboard for highlights.
ForexClear September 2022 Highlights
27 October 2022
LCH ForexClear saw significant growth in FX options and client clearing volumes in September as members and clients continue to benefit from the margin, capital and operational efficiencies of FX clearing. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
CDSClear Q3 2022 Highlights
26 October 2022
LCH CDSClear members and clients continue to benefit from access to the broadest range of credit derivative products eligible for clearing. This has driven record activity, with cleared notional and market share in European Single Names reaching new highs in Q3 2022. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
SwapAgent Q3 2022 Highlights
25 October 2022
LCH SwapAgent saw continued substantial growth in new trade volume in Q3 2022, as members continue to benefit from reductions in trading frictions and risk in the bilateral market. See our latest dashboard for highlights.