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LCH SwapClear Online Margin Calculator
20 March 2023
LCH SwapClear Online Margin Calculator provides advanced insights into your rates margin requirements enabling you to access near real-time portfolio and margin data, manage your clearing portfolios proactively and optimise your funding
ForexClear February 2023 Highlights
16 March 2023
LCH ForexClear continued its upward volumes trend in February 2023, with strong year-on-year growth in FX Options average daily volume (ADV) and FX Client NDF ADV cleared. This was also a new record month for FX Options volume #cleared. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
LCH SwapClear: Leading the Way in USD Swaps Clearing
23 February 2023
LCH connects clients to a truly diverse, global pool of buy-side and sell-side firms, delivering exceptional clearing depth along the USD curve. This is why LCH SwapClear continues to be the CCP of choice for delivering access to global OTC rates markets, with a record number of clients clearing USD in 2022, which remains the largest currency by clearing volume at SwapClear. To learn more about the benefits of clearing USD at SwapClear, download our latest factsheet
ForexClear January 2023 Highlights
16 February 2023
LCH ForexClear saw the highest monthly FX Options volume cleared since inception of the deliverable service, and significant year-on-year increases in FX Options average daily volume (ADV) and FX Client NDF ADV cleared in January 2023. See our latest dashboard for highlights.
LCH SwapClear Market Activity Data
16 February 2023
LCH SwapClear provides access to the most comprehensive global OTC Interest Rate Swap data to power your post trade processes.
LCH EquityClear Factsheet
10 February 2023
Content Hub Summary: Last year, LCH Ltd’s EquityClear service cleared a record 2.2bn trade sides, and LCH saw a combined 10.9m ADV across EquityClear services at LCH Ltd and LCH SA. A pan-European clearing service for equities, LCH’s EquityClear has an expanding network of members and their clients, who benefit from large-scale clearing of a broad and varied range of equities and equivalent products via connections to multiple exchanges, trading venues and CSDs, across diverse market segments and trade feeds. See our Factsheet here.
ForexClear – A Global Leader
07 February 2023
LCH’s solution for non-deliverable and deliverable FX, delivering unmatched capital, margin and operational efficiencies.
FX Smart Clearing at LCH ForexClear: Solving SA-CCR Capital Challenges
06 February 2023
LCH ForexClear’s recent article on, FX Smart Clearing at LCH ForexClear: Solving SA‑CCR capital, explores how, with the standardised approach to counterparty credit risk increasing the capital requirements of banks’ FX portfolios, its FX Smart Clearing solution can reduce capital burden while balancing margin requirements for market participants.’s Clearing House of the Year 2023
02 February 2023
As’s Clearing House of the Year, LCH partners with markets globally to deliver proven risk management and post-trade efficiencies – in all market conditions – through innovative clearing solutions, across a wide range of asset classes. Find out how we supported participants through the events of 2022 and why we were selected by Risk.
SwapAgent Q4 2022 Highlights
31 January 2023
LCH SwapAgent removes friction in the bilateral OTC derivatives market by simplifying the processing, margining and settlement of bilateral trades. This has accelerated the adoption and use of SwapAgent, driving volume growth in Q4 2022, with new trade average daily value up 93% and notional registered up 105% YOY to $7.5trn. See our latest dashboard for highlights.