CommodityClear at LCH SA: Related Information

In this section you can find other related information about clearing at LCH SA's CommodityClear service.

LCH SA Rulebook

LCH SA Derivatives Margin Methodology

Connecting to LCH SA

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Cash and Derivatives Clearing System Information

LCH SA provides its members with an international standard clearing system, benefiting from the following technical advantages:

  • Single access to the LCH SA clearing services which allows subsequent margin offsets and cost reductions
  • Open architecture offering greater opportunities for the automation of the back-office processes
  • Modular architecture that allows ongoing adaptations


LCH SA's global solution offers market participants:

  • Common access to all markets served
  • Harmonisation of clearing principles
  • Adopting international standards in order to respond to the demand formulated by the financial community (particularly from global clearers working on multiple markets)
  • Harmonise systems on the financial markets

Advantages of the Cash and Derivatives Clearing System:  

  • Open architecture, providing dialogue between members' internal computer systems and clearing houses
  • Real-time operations, enabling market participants to better manage their positions and risks
  • Detailed position keeping, allowing for balancing between unit accounts in the position keeper's books and those managed by the clearing house

Operational uses of the Cash and Derivatives Clearing System:

  • Postings and give-ups
  • Position keeping by account
  • Management of an account base (opening, modification, closure)
  • Actions on position (exercise, abandonment, assignments)
  • Adjustments (corrections, transfers, offsets)
  • Calculation of margins and premiums
  • Calculation of initial margins (SPAN® method)