LTD Collateral Management

LCH’s state-of-the-art collateral management processes

Collateral Efficiency at LCH

LCH has always provided Clearing Members with state-of-the-art tools to maximise the efficiency of managing their collateral assets, and this has never been more important than with the introduction of mandatory clearing and individual client segregation.

At the same time, LCH is developing segregation and clearing models that go beyond the minimum regulatory requirements.

Innovations are developed in partnership with other market infrastructures to help promote open model and scalable solutions that our members and their clients can rely on across their business flows.

Collateral Account Segregation

Learn about collateral processing and account segregation.

Collateral Services Roadmap

Discover what LCH’s collateral team is rolling out this year.

Collateral FAQs

For frequently asked questions regarding collateral at LCH Ltd, please view the Knowledge Centre, which is accessed via the LCH Portal