SA Collateral Management System

LCH SA’s system for processing and managing margin

About the CMS

The Collateral Management System (CMS) is the beating heart of LCH's margin processing proposition for our members.

The CMS is an online collateral management application hosted on the LCH Portal which puts you in control, enabling you to prefund margin, recall excess margin and substitute posted collateral, while enhancing transparency on the status of instructions and reducing the risk of errors or omissions.

The CMS enables Clearing Members at LCH SA to:

  • Instruct movements of securities to/from the clearing house or transfer securities between markets and sub accounts
  • Instruct movements of cash to/from the clearing house
  • View online security and cash balances as well as online collateral valuations for securities
  • Receive email notifications of instructions and instruction status updates
  • Export instruction and balance data to .csv files
CMS Swift MX Messaging Service

The CMS Standard Messaging Service gives Clearing Members and Service Providers the power to instruct collateral movements with LCH and receive margin call notifications and statement reporting for cash and bilaterally delivered securities. The service is provided in addition to the online CMS User Interface and is available for all account types.

CMS Contingency Procedure SA

In the event of an outage of the CMS, Clearing Members will be notified via Bulletin of the switch to contingency arrangements.

In that case Clearing Members should use the below forms for securities and cash collateral movements to be addressed to the following generic email address:





For further information please contact