SA Collateral Management

LCH is the market leader in CCP collateral management.

Protecting your collateral at LCH SA

LCH has always provided our Clearing Members with state-of-the-art tools to maximise the efficiency of managing their collateral assets. This has never been more important than since the introduction of mandatory derivatives clearing and individual client segregation.

At the same time, LCH is developing segregation models that go beyond the regulatory minimum to solve the real world practical challenges facing new clearing participants.

At LCH SA, Clearing Members and their clients are able to meet their margin obligations not only in Euro, US Dollar or Pound Sterling, but also in a wide variety of high quality sovereign debt securities.

With the choice over whether to hold their assets at in an individual segregated account for maximum collateral protection, or in a gross or net omnibus account for greater margin efficiencies, LCH SA Clearing Members and their clients have the power to determine the collateral structure that works best for them.

That’s what it means to be The Markets' Partner.