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LCH SwapAgent completes first EUR swaption trade under AFB/FBF
03 February 2022
Natixis CIB and Crédit Agricole CIB were the counterparties to the first SwapAgent trade under the French law FBF/AFB master agreement   33 counterparties have processed over $3.7 trillion in notional volume on LCH SwapAgent since launch LCH SwapAgent offers standardisation, efficiency and simplicity in the bilateral derivatives market
LCH achieves record clearing volumes in 2021
17 January 2022
LCH services continued to support transition to risk-free rates with conversion of over $35 trillion of notional LCH SwapAgent registered over 10,000 trades in 2021, a five fold increase ForexClear and FXall partnership expanded FX traders’ workflows for OTC trades Record clearing volumes reported across LCH services
LCH RepoClear SA clears first euro repo by Sponsored Member
10 December 2021
PGGM is first to use the service, clearing a euro repo as a Sponsored Member of RepoClear SA Sponsored Clearing at RepoClear SA enables buy-side member firms to directly access repo clearing across 13 euro debt markets and €GCPlus Expansion to buy-side increases multilateral netting opportunities for members