Press Releases

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LCH RepoClear SA merges its RepoClear and €GCPlus services
05 July 2023
LCH SA, the European CCP based in Paris, has merged its core RepoClear Euro debt service with its general collateral €GCPlus service to provide alternative channels to access GC liquidity  The new combined service enables a unique point of access to the world’s largest Euro cleared liquidity pool with clearing members benefitting from a single membership, default fund and set of margins, and further netting opportunities The service went live on 3 July 2023
LCH SA to provide clearing services for Bitcoin index derivatives on GFO-X
13 April 2023
  LCH SA will provide clearing services for cash-settled Bitcoin index futures and options contracts traded on digital asset derivatives trading venue, GFO-X. This clearing service will provide market participants with access to clearing of crypto derivatives in a regulated environment. Demonstrates LCH SA’s commitment to bringing the benefits of clearing to this growing asset class.
LCH SwapAgent processes first trades for KfW using EUR Transport Currency
28 March 2023
KfW transacts first Transport Currency trades through LCH SwapAgent, with Bank of America, Commerzbank, Danske Bank and Santander as counterparties. Transactions highlight LCH SwapAgent’s commitment to working with participants in the uncleared derivatives market to develop innovative solutions. LCH SwapAgent offers standardised infrastructure and efficiencies to the uncleared derivatives market.  
LCH SwapAgent processes first trade under DRV German Master Agreement
13 February 2023
Commerzbank AG and Unicredit Bank AG acted as counterparties to the cross-currency swap  Extension of the LCH SwapAgent rulebook highlights commitment to standardisation, efficiency and simplicity in the bilateral derivatives market  LCH SwapAgent registered $7.5 trillion in notional by the end of 2022, up 105% from 2021 
LCH CDSClear continues global expansion with launch of clearing for Sovereign Single Names and new indices
15 December 2022
LCH CDSClear launches clearing of iTraxx Asia ex-Japan Indices and CDX Emerging Market Indices, and their single name constituents, as well as other Sovereign single name CDS including Western European name Clearing services expanded to offer users the widest breadth of products of any credit CCP globally Service enables access to significant funding capital and operational efficiencies available through clearing